Rajasthan Scholarship Online Application Status | Check Student Profile rajpms.nic.in | Apply on ROSE

Rajasthan Scholarship Online Application Status | Check Student Profile rajpms.nic.in | Apply on ROSE : For students who cannot lack the basic financial ability to pursue good quality education, a new scholarship has been started by the government of Rajasthan. These scholarships are meant for students who are financially weak and those who belong to other categories such as SC, ST and OBC. This makes sure that everyone gets the opportunity to study what they want to without having to worry about anything else.

How to check Rajasthan Scholarship Status & Student Profile

Access the website link: http://rajpms.nic.in/Public/View_ApplicantDocuments.aspx

Provide your application number and then select "Academic Year" for the dropdown

Finally click on the "Display details" button to check the application status


You can also check student details through http://rajpms.nic.in/Public/Application_Search_With_Details.aspx where you need to provide details such as Institute Type, Institute Level, State, District, Tehsils, Institute, First Name of the student

Important: Please Update Your UID (AADHAR Number) and BID (Bhamashah ID) on portal. Institutes can also Update UID and BID of their Students.

If you face any difficulty while applying for Rajasthan Scholarship, you can share the same in the below comment so that we will reply on it

Rajasthan Scholarship Helpline phone number and email ids

If you have any query regarding to Rajasthan scholarship, you may call or mail on from the below list which is made available district wise, so look for the district where you are living and then take the respective email or phone to contact on Rajasthan Online Scholarship System in short ROSE.

District Email Office Contact Number
AJMER sjeajmer@yahoo.com 0145-2440623
ALWAR sjealwar@yahoo.com  0144-2344012 
BANSWARA sjebanswara@yahoo.com 02962-224444
BARAN sjebaran@yahoo.com  07453-237121 
BARMER sjebarmer@yahoo.com  02982-230009 
BHARATPUR sjebharatpur@yahoo.com  05644-223576 
BHILWARA sjebhilwara@yahoo.com 01482-232678
BIKANER sjebikaner@yahoo.com  0151-2226681 
BUNDI sjebundi@yahoo.com  0747-2443751 
CHITTORGARH sjechittorgarh@yahoo.com 01472-241083
CHURU sjechuru@yahoo.com  01562-250943 
DAUSA sjedausa@yahoo.com  01427-223440 
DHAULPUR sjedhaulpur@yahoo.com  05642-240878 
DUNGARPUR sjedungarpur@yahoo.com  02964-232264 
HANUMANGARH sjehanumangarh@yahoo.com  01552-261187 
JAIPUR sjejaipur@yahoo.com  0141-2700466 
JAIPUR (Rural) sjejaipurrural@yahoo.in  0141-2209776 
JAISALMER sjejaisalmer@yahoo.com  02992-252517 
JALORE sjejalore@yahoo.com  02973-222486 
JHALAWAR sjejhalawar@yahoo.com  07432-231215 
JHUNJHUNU sjejhunjhunu@yahoo.com  01592-232884 
JODHPUR sjejodhpur@yahoo.com 0291-2433473
KARAULI sjekarauli@yahoo.com 07464-251076
KOTA sjekota@yahoo.com  0744-2325491 
NAGAUR sjenagaur@yahoo.com  01582-240798 
PALI sjepali@yahoo.com  02932-222706 
PRATAPGARH sjepratapgarh@ymail.com  01478-221535 
RAJSAMAND sjerajsamand@yahoo.com  02952-221169 
SAWAI MADHOPUR sjesawaimadhopur@yahoo.com  07462-220467 
SIKAR sjesikar@yahoo.com  01572-248940 
SIROHI sjesirohi@yahoo.com 02972-222544
SRI GANGANAGAR sjeganganagar@yahoo.com  0154-2463582 
TONK sjetonk@yahoo.com 01432-254597
UDAIPUR sjeudaipur@yahoo.com 0294-2410772

Rajasthan Scholarship Online Application Status 2018-19

Students who are pursuing higher education after school such as 11th, 12th, ITI, diploma and other courseswill be eligible for the scholarship. These scholarships shall be helpful for all those who wish to apply and seek benefits out of it.To apply for this, you can to go to the official site of rajpms.nic.in and there will be guidelines and eligibility criteria which you must go through.

Who can apply for www.rajpms.nic.in scholarship 2018-19 fresh and renewal :

The major aim of this online scholarship is to ensure that every student gets the opportunity to study higher education irrespective of his financial background.Students those who belong to any other category apart from general can apply in this scholarship.You must first ensure that your marks in the previous exam is above 50% without which you won’t be able to put an application for this scholarship.

Who started Rajasthan Scholarship Scheme?

Rajasthan government must be given all the credit to begin this initiative for the welfare of the students. Many more states have also begun a similar scholarship to help the students who are needy. This scholarship shall be beneficial for students to pursue their dreams.It is also good for the future of the state where students shall learn what they want to and any kind of economic weakness shall not be a hindrance to their studies.

Who all can apply for Rajasthan Scholarship Scheme?

The basic eligibility criteria that all students must fulfil include that they must have passed the previous examination with more than 50% marks. After this criterion is fulfilled there are several other criteria that you must keep in check. If you belong to backward, minority castes then too you can avail the benefits of the scholarship. All those who belong to a lower income group can easily apply for the scholarship.

How to check application status of Rajasthan Scholarship 2018-19?

By following the steps that are given below, you can register your application for the Rajasthan online scholarship. If you fit into the eligibility criteria, you must definitely apply through the official site.

  1. Head to the official website of Rajasthanonline scholarship which is rajpms.nic.in where you will find all the information.
  2. Click on the registration form button which you will get from the site.
  3. In the registration form, fill in all the details that are necessary and are asked mandatorily.
  4. You must make sure that all the details are correctly mentioned just as it is there in your certificates.
  5. After finalizing the details and checking if they are proper you must then click on submit which will submit your application.

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